Lawn Care Guarentee

All of our products are carefully selected and the highest offered in the industry. We do not save costs by buying cheap product. What we use for our customers is the same stuff we use at our own homes.

We will give our customers nothing less than 100%. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, professionals who do top-notch work. They document the progress of your yard through pictures, and our managers follow up to make sure everything is looking as it should be. However, our technicians are still human, and sometimes mistakes are made. If this is the case, we promise to make it right. Keep reading to find out how.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If at anytime you are unhappy with a service you received or feel like our work could have been better, we want you to let us know right away. Call our office, 503-212-4140 and we will make it right. Our technicians will be sent out in between your scheduled treatments to fix the problem, redo the job, or do whatever is necessary to make you happy. We guarantee to continue working on the problem, free of charge, until it is fixed.

No Contract

Of course we’d love to keep each and every one of our customers for life, but we know that things happen. If at any point you want to cancel your remaining services you may do so free of charge. No contract, no fee, no small print. You will be billed for the services you have already received, but any future services will be cancelled and you will not be responsible to pay for them.

We know that our success relies entirely on the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we take our promise of outstanding customer service very seriously. At Greenblade we are proud to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that we know how to get your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy, and we will work with you until we get them there. If at any point you aren't 100% happy with the job we are doing please let us know so we can fix the problem. Our technicians will make as many extra service calls in between treatments as needed until you are completely satisfied. We believe in our company, our services, and most importantly our experienced and dedicated technicians.