Why Choose Us For Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization

Born and raised in the beautiful Northwest, we know Oregon lawns. We use the highest quality products to create special blends that we know will deliver impressive results.

Weed Control

Because we care about the environment we will never blanket your yard with herbicides, we take the extra time and spot treat individual weeds.

Disease Prevention

We get the best results by nourishing your plants and trees with the a mix of micronutrients that is customized to the plant, season, and time of year.

Home Pest Control

Many companies use an approach of over treating by spraying all inhabitable areas. Identifying the source of the pest problem is key to controlling it before it gets out of hand. This allows us to create a specialized plan that minimizes pesticide use and still delivers outstanding results.


About Green Blade Lawn Care

About Green Blade Lawn Care

The owner, Brandon, has been taking care of lawns since he was a 10-year-old boy pushing his mower from house to house. He worked in the lawn care business through high school, to save for college, and during college to support himself. Now, with his wife and three children, he has grown a lawn care company out of West Linn that he is proud of. Although we are rapidly growing, we are dedicated to keeping our “small-business” mindset. Our customers keep food on our table and in return they love the honest, expert, and personalized service they get when they work with us.


Lawn Care and Much More

Having a beautiful, healthy lawn takes much more than just mowing and watering it. A professional lawn care company can assess your lawn and treat it for its exact needs to keep it healthy, green and strong. With a fertilizer that is formulated for your lawn, trees and the other plants in your yard, you can keep them healthy enough to withstand difficult weather conditions and the stress they cause.

Specialized Treatment for Your Yard

We're not just a lawn care company, we're a lawn fertilizing company that will also treat your lawn and other plants for insects and diseases that commonly infest plants in the area. We will assess your lawn and other plants and inspect them for damage from insects, disease and stress from drought or overwatering.

With our aeration, fertilization and other treatments, your lawn can be greener and stronger than you ever thought possible. With a strong, lush lawn, your yard won't just be healthier, it will look better. This will add curb appeal and value to your home. You may find that you want to spend more time outdoors when you see how thick and green your lawn is.

Insect Control

Part of keeping your lawn and other plants healthy is controlling the population of damaging insects. With our specialized, professional insect control, you'll find your yard an even more pleasant place to be. Without the fear of biting insects like ticks, you can spend more time in the outdoor spaces you love. And with the damaging insects controls, you won't see the brown spots and holes that insects can cause to your lawn, trees and bushes. Our professionals know which insects are causing the damage and know just how to eradicate them for a yard that is a joy to spend time in.

Improve Your Yard

For the overall improvement of your lawn and yard, the services we provide can keep a wide variety of stressors from affecting your lawn. If you're tired of brown and yellow spots and you don't want an uneven lawn that isn't as green as you'd like, our professional lawn services can solve those problems. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a yard that is strong, healthy and beautiful. When you improve your yard, you improve the overall look of your home, and you create beautiful outdoor spaces that everyone in your household will want to enjoy.

Lawn Care Services

... Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Sometimes mowing and watering just isn't enough to keep your lawn as weed-free and green as you'd like it. And most people find there is a lot of guesswork involved in deciding how often and how much you should fertilize. The quality of your grass relies solely on the health of your root-system, which is something best analyzed and monitored by lawn specialists.


Tree & Shrub Care Tree & Shrub

Tree & Shrub

Don't forget that your trees and shrubs need the same individualized care as your lawn. Bugs, disease and extreme weather conditions put a lot of stress on your shrubs and trees throughout the year. Proper fertilizing and insect control will keep your much-loved plants healthy and happy.


Home Pest Control Home Pest Control

Home Pest Control

Ants, spiders, wasps, fleas, bed bugs, rodents, we are experienced in treating all types of pests. Some pests are just annoying; others eat away at the bones of your home, infest walls, and cause serious health problems. We use a multi-step elimination system that targets the source, works quickly and effectively, and prevents future infestations.