Great Looking lawn

Do you want a great-looking lawn? A lush, green, great-looking lawn doesn't just happen by itself. There are many nutrients that lawns need to look their best as well as to thrive and stay healthy. However, applying the wrong type of fertilizer to your lawn, or applying it at the wrong time or in the wrong amount, can damage your grass. Rather than guessing which type is best for your grass type and when and how often it should be fertilized, getting a professional evaluation and treatment of your lawn is the best way to ensure that the right fertilizer is being used at the right times throughout the year.

So many different nutrients are needed to keep a lawn looking its best that it's important to use eniched fertilizers that contain both the macronutrients and the micronutrients that your grass needs to thrive. The exact type of fertilizer and the amount you need will depend on the type of grass you have and the thickness of that grass. Grass of any type has a big appetitie for nutrients, and that appetite must be appeased to keep it healthy throughout the year. A healthy lawn can better withstand cold weather, drought conditions and other stresses that can come up over the course of a year.

Spring, later summer and early fall are generally the best times for fertilizing a lawn. This applies nutrients at important times in the lawn's growth so that they can be best absorbed and used by the plant. With professional lawn fertilization, your lawn can be fed on the proper schedule for your grass type so that you won't have to guess what your lawn needs. It will get just the right nutrients that it needs to grow, thrive and stay healthy all year long.


We do 8 application but only come out 7 times. During the first visit we do a soil amendment which helps balance the acidity of the lawn and balance micronutrients in the lawn. Each visit we take care of whatever your lawn needs. Consistency helps develop a stronger root system, helps maintain darker color and a healthier blade.

No contract. Free service calls in between treatments.

Beautiful lawns are not a product of nature, but are planned and created. Lawn fertilizer will always be an important part of the creation process. Choosing the right lawn fertilizer begins by knowing what nutrients are currently in your soil, as determined by a soil test.

Lawns that are not fertilized will have to rely completely on what is in the soil for all their nutrients. The soil around most homes these days, as you probably know, is not that good. After a house is built, contractors rarely consider the quality of the soil as anything important. As long as the lot is graded properly, that is all that matters