Weeds aren't just a nuisance- they can quickly take over your yard and crowd out the grass you've put so much time into. Weeds are often fast growing and invasive, and a mixture of weeds in your lawn is unsightly and can detract from both the curb appeal and value of your home. Professional weed control is needed to keep weeds from growing in your yard as well as to analyze the type of weeds you have to determine what can be done to keep them at bay. Both killing and preventing weeds are important for keeping your lawn lush, even and weed-free.

Like other types of plants, there are perennial and annual weeds. Many perennials leave seeds, or may have runners, so that they will come back the following year. Depending on the type of weeds in your yard, there are different times of year when weed control will be most effective. With professional weed control, you can have the weeds identified, prevented and the existing weeds killed to prevent them from spreading or coming back again the next year.

For many types of weeds, the early spring is the best time for professionals to treat a lawn for weeds. This will prevent those seeds from germinating. During the summer, weed control products often need to be reapplied because their effectiveness will dissipate over the months. When weed control is used at the right times of year, and the right number of times, it is an effective way to get rid of weeds and prevent new ones from growing.

Another way to prevent weeds is to keep your lawn seeded regularly. A thicker lawn means less space for weeds to grow. It's also important not to cut your lawn too short. Grass that is at least 2 to 3" in height will block weed seedlings from getting the sunlight they would need to grow.