The roots of every plant in your yard are one of the most important parts of that plant. Even if a plant looks healthy, it could be highly damaged and susceptible to disease if its roots aren't healthy. When the roots of a plant don't receive all the nutrients they need, the plant suffers. Grass, flowering plants, bushes and trees can all suffer ill health effects if not enough nutrients are reaching their roots. To strengthen the health of the plants in your yard, root fertilization is needed.

Fertilization Injection

Often, when nutrients are added to the soil, they don't penetrate deeply enough to affect the roots. That's where the injection of nutrients comes in. With a solution of high-quality nutrients injected deeper into the soil, the roots of your plants get the minerals they need to stay strong and healthy. With nutrients injected with pressure, this gives the roots the aeration, oxygen and other nutrients they need to grow. This is often done with trees and bushes, but it can also be done with smaller plants.

The fertilizer injected is often a slow-release type that will continue to release nutrients into the soil long term. This keeps nourishing the roots over time and keeps them strong and more resistant to disease and insect damage.

Placing fertilizer just anywhere may not nourish your plants. That's where professional root fertilization comes in. The fertilization injections are given to plants exactly where they are needed to keep the roots nourished. Professionals know exactly where to place the nutrients so that they will be best used by the plant. When the nutrients are best absorbed the the plant's roots, they will do the most good for your plants, strengthening them and allowing them to resist damage from fungi, insects and times of stress.